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TSS.NET is Olympia's oldest, largest, and only locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider.  We offer an array of services starting with the most basic residential Internet access to sophisticated commercial accounts.  TSS.NET was designed to provide homes and businesses with high-quality, easy-to-use, graphical access to the Internet.

We know that today's Internet subscriber has numerous choices when it comes to ISP's.  Here at TSS we give each client the attention they deserve and have learned to expect from their Internet Service Provider.

Our office is located at the corner of Union and Washington, in downtown Olympia, Washington.  At TSS we combine individual customer attention with the most efective technology available, and years of telecommunications experience, to provide you with superior, low-cost access to the Internet. Contact us at:

  • Voice:
    • (360) 943-0605 (Thurston/Mason County)
    • (360) 915-1000 (Thurston/Mason County)
    • (360) 533-2405 (Grays Harbor County)
    • (360) 310-1000 (Grays Harbor County)
    • (360) 262-5000 (Chehalis)
  • FAX: (360) 943-4269;
  • email:
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